The Tomatalk

Class of 2019

Taya Questad, reporter

June 14, 2019

The class of 2019 graduated on Saturday, June 8. They made their mark on their school and community. On June 8, they illustrated this in many ways. There was a total of 13 valedictorians and two salutatorians, each givin...

Retiring faculty reflect on their time at Kamiakin

Alison Fellman, Entertainment Editor

June 12, 2019

    Q: Do you have any special memories that will stay with you after you retire? Tomasa Bayona taught Spanish at Kamiakin for 27 years: "Everyday interaction with the students. Sometimes they are funny...sometimes not too funny. They have their own way to express themselves. One of ...

The Joy of Winter Wishes

The Joy of Winter Wishes

November 29, 2018

Manipulation and its signs

Imogen Santoyo, Staff Reporter

October 25, 2018

Many people are victims of manipulation. Whether it’s a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, father, mother, etc. Anyone can easily be manipulated. There are many ways one can be manipulated. Most relationships are ba...

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