Miley Cyrus Can’t Stop with “Bangerz”

Album Cover of

Album Cover of "Bangerz" Deluxe Edition by Miley Cyrus Courtesy of RCA Records

Andy Ha, Staff Reporter

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Score: 9 out of 10

Miley Cyrus’s latest studio effort surely shows that the “Wrecking Ball” crooner truly can’t stop. The album which has a total of 13 tracks is Cyrus’s fourth studio album and debut album with her new record label, RCA Records.  She joined the label back in January shortly after leaving Hollywood Records. The 13 tracks are, as the album name states, “bangerz”, and each has the potential of being a single. The album showcases Cyrus’s natural talent, versatility and powerful vocals and is probably without a doubt one of the best and stand out albums of the year. 2013 was really Miley Cyrus’s year.

The album, which is mainly a pop album, also contains elements of R&B, hip hop dance, and country music, and it includes an A-list list of collaborators. The album has collaborations with Britney Spears, Future, Nelly, Big Sean, French Montana, and Ludacris who is on the deluxe version of the album. The album has Cyrus showcasing her natural vocal talent and her shockingly good rapping skills. But the album does tend to have a little more auto-tone than it should have.

The record starts out with Cyrus showing her more mature side in a vulnerable pop ballad, “Adore You,” then it leads to her house party anthem lead single, “We Can’t Stop.” After that is her decent, heavily auto-toned collaboration with Spears titled “SMS” (Bangerz), then Cyrus shows her country roots in the hoedown track “4×4”, which is a collaboration with rapper, Nelly, where she chants about being a female rebel. Following that, she slows it down in her R&B/pop/hip hop collaboration, “My Darlin'”, with Future. Shortly after that is Cyrus’s powerful ballad and first number one hit, “Wrecking Ball,” which has her belting out lyrics and proving that she has some powerful vocal chops. Then she shows us some of her rapping skills in the track, “Love Money Party,” with Big Sean, with whom she seems more comfortable and is better in this track compared to her collaboration with rapper/producer, Mike Will Made It, on his single 23. After this is  “#GETITRIGHT,” which continues to show Cyrus’s amazing vocals has a great whistling and chopped guitar licking beat. Then Cyrus gives another compelling vocal performance in the pop track, “Drive,” which has a little EDM influence that is current in music at the moment. And then comes her sassy dubstep inspired track, “FU,” which is with French Montana and has her breaking from her previous Disney image even further.

This track will make you completely forget Cyrus’ Disney image and will leave you sad that Hannah Montana has been killed and that there will never be a reunion. Cyrus’ track, produced by Will.I.Am comes on after that and it continues to show an EDM influence and her rapping skills. Then she belts out in “Maybe You’re Right,” a pop track that incorporates drum instrumentation and has tiny hints of influence from gospel music. Following that, Cyrus perfectly ends her album with the track, “Somebody Else,” which expands more on her development of gaining a new, more adult image.

Overall, the album is a memorable, different, stand out album that will have the songs stuck in your brain and have you screaming out the lyrics. The stand out and best tracks are “Somebody Else,” “Wrecking Ball,” “Drive, Do My Thang,” and “We Can’t Stop.”

The less than best track that is still a banger is probably “SMS” (Bangerz) that is made up with the inclusion of pop princess Britney Spears. The album is one of the best albums of the year. It fully contains a track list of “bangerz” that shows that Miley Cyrus truly can’t and  won’t stop.

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