The X Factor has been X-ed out

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After three long seasons and a boat load of judges, the Fox reality competition show, The X Factor, has been cancelled. It was created by former American Idol judge, Simon Cowell. It was announced on Feb 7 by the network. The cancellation comes with no surprise since during the show’s run on the air, it had low ratings.

The show never really settled. It went through several changes throughout the three years. Season one originally had a judging panel that consisted of Simon Cowell himself, British pop star and former X Factor UK judge Cheryl Cole, former American Idol judge Paula Abdul, and Epic Records executive L.A. Reid. The hosts were pop singer Nicole Scherzinger and TV presenter Steve Jones. During the midst of the audition process, Cowell fired Cole and had Scherzinger replace her, leaving Jones to be the sole host. After one season, Cowell fired Scherzinger, Abdul, and Jones. He hired former Disney star Demi Lovato and pop superstar Britney Spears to take over the two vacant spots on the judging panel. He then hired actor and TV personality Mario Lopez and reality star Khloe Kardashian as hosts.

After season two, having yet to have a successful winner and successful ratings, Cowell did not rehire Spears and Kardashian for season three. Lopez became the sole host. Reid left after season two to focus on the record label he was running, so that left another two vacant spots on the judging panel. Cowell decided to hire another two girls to have a total of three girls on the panel beside him, which made The X Factor one of the first if not the first show to do so. He signed former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and Latin superstar Paulina Rubio. Still even with all these huge names, the ratings were dropping by the week.

Overall, the show didn’t attain much success on TV and music sales with the alumni that came from the show. It was very successful with social media, but that couldn’t save the show. There were three winners throughout the run of the show, one for each season. Melanie Amaro won the first season, signed with Epic records, and still has yet to release an album or a successful single. Season two winner, country singer Tate Stevens, has released only one album, which wasn’t very successful and has already been dropped by his record label RCA Nashville. Season three winners, duo Alex & Sierra are the most recent winners and seem to be having some success due to the iTunes sales of their performances on the show. They are signed to Columbia records and are in the midst of working on their debut album.

The winners have received very little success, but some of the other finalists throughout the seasons have gained some success. Season one finalists Rachel Crow and Chris Rene have had success since their time on the show. Crow has signed with Columbia records, released an EP, and is currently pursuing an acting career. She is set to be in the upcoming sequel to the 2011 film, Rio, which will be released later this year. Rene signed with Epic and released an album and a few singles which had mild success here in the states, but were successful in New Zealand. Two other finalists from season two have found big success. Girl group Fifth Harmony and boy band Emblem3 have signed deals with Epic and Columbia records respectively and released debut albums that debuted in the top 10 in the U.S. There has yet to be any finalists from season three that received record deals or anything, but that could change any time.

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