Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements: An excellent read

Jordan Garner, Op-ed Editor

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Things Not Seen is about a 15-year-old boy named Bobby Phillips, who wakes up one morning and finds himself to be literally invisible. He can’t figure out why, and neither can his parents, even with his father being a well-respected physicist.  Precautions have to be made, so for Bobby this means no school, no after school activities, no friends, ultimately no life.

The book has multiple examples of emotional lessons, so to say. Before Bobby becomes literally invisible, readers see that he feels metaphorically invisible to his parents, who he feels put work before him and fail to notice who he really is. Within his experience of becoming literally invisible, he gets a chance to see what it is like to fend for himself for a few days and also gives his parents and himself a chance to connect on a deeper level.

Another example is the friendship between Bobby and another main character in the book, a blind girl named Alicia, who Bobby meets while he is invisible. Their friendship forms on partial honesty.  Due to Alicia’s blindness, she can’t tell that Bobby is invisible and he doesn’t tell her until later on in their friendship. They bond over the mutual feeling that they both feel neglected in one way or another from their parents, and after Alicia finds out the truth about Bobby, this shows an example of true friendship because Alicia goes on to decide to help Bobby find a solution instead of becoming freaked out or something of that nature.

Going deeper into Alicia and Bobby’s friendship, both characters went through a drastic physical change that changed their lives as they once knew them. For Alicia, it was going blind, and for Bobby it was becoming invisible. Both characters had to accept the fact that their futures they maybe once envisioned were going to be incredibly different, and they would have to adapt.

In conclusion, this book deserves a four out of five stars for the simple reasons it has suspense, it makes you think, it has its funny moments, and it makes you look at things from a different perspective. Over all, it’s a wonderful read that will be hard to put down.


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