The Interview: the Sharknado of its kind

Andy Ha, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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‘The Interview’, the film that has taken the world by storm, has caused a huge media frenzy on a global scale. It triggered North Koreans to threaten America with “merciless” action. “Making and releasing a film that portrays an attack on our top-level leadership is the most blatant act of terrorism and war and will absolutely not be tolerated,” the Korean Central News Agency, the state run news agency of North Korea, said in a public statement.

While all the threats from North Korea were coming in, Sony was hacked by a group who call themselves the Guardians of Peace. The hack caused a world scandal when it revealed actors’ salaries, potential films in development, private emails between Sony executives, and the release of ‘Annie’.

And despite all the publicity and whirlwind of scandals surrounding this film, it was still pretty mediocre.

The film had many clichés that were meant to make the film more lighthearted, but it really hurt more than help the film. There were a few funny moments in the film, but it was a crude sense of humor. It could get slightly disturbing, but if one has that sense of humor, then they would find it funny.

The acting was decent at best. The characters weren’t interesting, and the storyline was overall pretty predictable. James Franco and Seth Rogen have good chemistry throughout the film, but Franco’s performance was probably one the worst of his career. Rogen, on the other hand, was decent. As the person who wrote, directed, and produced the film, this is probably the biggest downfall of his career. Let’s just hope he can get past this and continue his successful career.

The film, through all the scandals and trouble, was not worth all the hassle that came with the release of it. Even though the film was bad, it is understandable why the North Koreans would be angry. America would be just as mad as North Korea if another country made a film about the president like that. It probably ruined a lot of opportunities for future films released by Sony and for the people who work there. It’s surprising that Sony isn’t embarrassed by this film. The film was bad, to the point that it was comical.  Score: 2.5 out of 5.

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