A snapshot from behind the lens

Noah Erhart, Staff Reporter

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Photographs play an increasing role in everyday life. Photography is not as simple as it has been made out to be. Anybody can take a picture from a phone. However to produce a high quality and impressive photo, one needs much more than just a phone with a camera on the back of it.

Photography is an art that requires a multitude of skills and to some those skills come naturally, others must learn the skills. Among the most important skills needed to be a photographer is having good composition. The technique used for composition is called rule of thirds and it uses imaginary lines that forms nine boxes in rows and columns.

Photographers often have a subject that they prefer to photograph in particular. Some photographers would rather take pictures of a desert landscape such as the Grand Canyon, while others may choose to capture the beauty of rain forests or even the night sky. Teacher Scott Mcleod said, “My favorite subject to take pictures of is the Milky Way, Andromeda, and the Orion Nebula.”

Young or old, tall or short, none of that matters if one wants to be a photographer. Teacher Laura Pearson said, “I started my sophomore year in high school. Professionally I have been shooting for about 10 years.”

There are many reasons as to why one enjoys taking pictures. Some may find photography relaxing, others might love the challenge in getting the perfect shot. Mcleod said, “For astrophotography, I want people to see that the world around them is richer and more complex than what their senses allow them to experience.”

An individual is likely not inspired to do photography on their own, many photographers get inspiration from a favorite photographer. If an individual enjoys doing landscape photography, they might follow local photographer John Clement’s work. Pearson said, “My favorite photographer is Heidi Haden. She does an amazing job at capturing families and weddings. Her editing skills are also impeccable. I have followed her for years and watch her grow. Two years ago we were lucky enough to hire her for our family pictures.”

Photography is a talent that many may have and choose to pursue as a career, while others may use it as a hobby. Regardless, photography is an art that is appreciated by many and is used in many places around us, in fact, people are surrounded by images 24 hours per day.


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