The notorious Dan Savage at it again

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The notorious Dan Savage at it again

Spencer Holle, Reporter

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The media is abuzz about the new ABC sitcom-to-be, ‘The Real O’Neils,’ about a family whose lives are changed when their son comes out of the closet as being gay. Although this show seems like a spectacular step for television in diversity and acceptance, the problem many are finding with the show is that it is loosely based on the life of controversial gay activist Dan Savage.
Savage has made quite a reputation for himself, taking hateful stances against both Christians and Muslims, and even against transgender people, bisexuals, and asexuals. Dan Savage also runs a sex and love column titled ‘Savage Love’ in a local Seattle newspaper.
Savage himself has made radical attempts to prove his point, often at the cost of breaking the law. In the past, he has been fined for unlawfully attending a Republican caucus.
Kamiakin students have even been exposed to his intolerance. In 2011, Savage spoke at a national journalism convention, meaning to promote anti-bullying. However, later on through the speech, Savage moved on to the topic of the coming out process with some much unneeded and fiery charisma.
He went on to encourage kids to “ignore all the bull**** about the Bible” which deeply upset many of the students in the audience. As a result, many teens got up and left, which he immediately remarked was “a pansy-***ed move.”
Although this speech was aimed towards his anti-bullying campaign, many in the audience found it extremely ironic that he continued to bully high school students considerably younger than him.
Even though Savage fights primarily against the stereotypical closed-minded conservative, he also frequently quarrels amongst the rest of the LGBT community, insulting transgender people, outing other people, and openly tells bisexuals to “come all the way out.”
In general, the public is saying that the idea of the show itself doesn’t bother them, and they are looking forward to the show. However, the controversy surrounding the show is that ABC chose to base it off of such a hateful and hypocritical man.
There is no appeasing this man, and giving him praise will only give him a bigger attitude.

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