The Flash

Jacob Olson, Staff Reporter

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Barry Allen, the main character in Flash, was a typical guy, until, he was hit by red lightning and was put into a coma. When, he awoke he was in S.T.A.R. labs, a company owned by Harrison Wells. Wells is a millionaire who helps Barry control his new-found powers and hone them in order to fight the evil meta the first season in Flash, the meta humans are created when people are genetically altered by a particle accelerator explosion sent a shockwave across the sky above Central City.
The second season premier starts off with the Mayor offering flash the key to the city. an unknown man appears and throws a hotdog vending machine at the Flash and the Mayor. Flash moves out of the way with the Mayor. Then the hooded man walks out of the crowed and challenges the Flash. Flash tries to rush the hooded man but gets thrown against’ a car. Then Cisco, one of the show scientists/genius, pulls out his new invention he calls the boot. With the purpose is to neutralize the Meta human’s power. It has no effect, in fact it goes the opposite way and makes the villain grow. The flash is able to get two propane cans and throws them at the hooded man as Joe shoots them. Joe is Barry’s childhood legal guardian and coworker. The propane cans explode in the hooded man’s face causing his mask to fall off. It was a guy that Barry had just previously found dead that morning at the Central City nuclear power plant.
In the last season “Team Flash” splits after an event called the singularity. The team reunites, to find the Atom Smasher. Barry doesn’t want their help and leaves his communication unit back at S.T.A.R. labs. Barry appears as the Flash in front of the Atom Smasher who is “eating” the radiation of the nuclear waste around him at the Central City nuclear waste depot. When the atom smasher notices the Flash he overpowers the Flash and has him up against a wall choking him. Cisco hacks the buildings security systems and sets an alarm off so the Flash can escape.
The efforts of fighting the Atom Smasher makes the Flash pass out to be found by Joe. When Barry was out he had a flash back of his child hood with Joe. When Barry wakes up he talks to Joe about it.
Cisco finds a problem with Atom Smasher’s power, so they are able to come up with a plan to defeat him. Flash leaves to find Atom Smasher and leads him to a nuclear plant the Flash runs into the core reactor and runs out before Atom Smasher can escape. Cisco closes the core reactor and powers it up. Atom Smasher can not absorb all the radiation so his power is lost.
Also in this episode Harrison leaves Barry a living will to get berry’s dad out of prison. Harrison confesses to killing Barry’s mom. Harrison gives all the right details to get Barry’s dad out of prison. When Barry gets his dad out of prison they throw a party. Barry is talking to his dad when his dad says that he doesn’t want Barry to be Henry Allen’s son he wants Barry to be the Flash.
When Team Flash goes back to S.T.A.R. labs a man breaks in. He says his name is Jake Eric and he tells them their world is in danger, ending the episode in suspense.

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