MGK’s sophomore album is a must hear

Parker Pruneda, Tomatalk Show Producer

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MGKMGK exploded back into the music world with his sophomore album ‘General Admission’ on Oct.16. He hadn’t released music since his mixtape in 2013 titled ‘Black Flag.’ MGK excited fans with songs “A Little More” and “Til I Die” as singles before the full album’s release.

MGK is not your average Hip-Hop/Rap artist, and he definitely shows it with the new album. He uses a mix of synthesizers and other modern music sounds but also throws in some actual instruments. What separates this project from the rest is he uses punk rock instrumentals to show his wild personality.

MGK starts the album with “Spotlight,” a cool, slow entrance to the album. He then picks up the tempo with songs like “Alpha Omega” and “Til I Die,” showcasing his raw flow and love for his hometown Cleveland. As the album progresses, he slows down again using raps with pure emotion as he talks about his past. In “Gone” he brings the listener into a deep song about himself and the life he’s chosen. “Merry Go Round” is another sad, story telling song that provokes a lot of sad thoughts. In “A Little More,” MGK talks about all the wrong the world has come to and how it needs to change. This really reflects on who he is and how he’s different from other rappers. MGK writes about his life and his perspective, but he can also write inspirational songs that uplift the listener. The album is projected to sell 40,000- 45,000 units in its first week according to Hits Daily Double.

Personally, I think it’s a must hear album for Hip-Hop/Rap fans, and a majority of the songs will be in my rotation for awhile. I really like the fact MGK isn’t afraid to embrace his differences and kills his own sound, not anyone else’s. I give ‘General Admission’ a 4/5.

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