Nitro Circus Live: An edge-of-your-seat performance

Parker Pruneda, Tomatalk Show Producer

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The high-flying insane group of daredevils, called by the name Nitro Circus, visited the Tacoma Dome Wednesday Nov. 4. The group is known for coming up with the craziest stunts possible on FMX bikes, BMX bikes, snowboards, scooters, rollerblades and anything else they can possibly ride.

Sadly, the ringleader, Travis Pastrana, couldn’t make it to the live show because he injured his back before the show. This is the tough reality for these athletes. The bigger the stunts, the bigger chance of injury. Some stunts are so crazy that there are only two options, land safely or break multiple bones and visit the hospital. Even in front of live audiences, they aren’t perfect. Luckily the Tacoma showing didn’t have any major crashes. There were a few guys that landed crooked and slid safely to the ground, but no one was injured. What adds to the thrill is they’ll invite people from the audience to sign waivers and participate in some of the stunts. For example, they got three random fans to join an FMX rider and pile onto one bike. The three geared up fans clung onto the rider and the bike as the rider perfomed a backflip.

The stunts got bigger and crazier, and after the first half I wondered what else they could possibly do? But they never stopped impressing the crowd. They had awesome announcers and they were overall very entertaining. Every stunt was better than the last, and they were unpredictable.

Performing at the Tacoma Dome, the performers didn’t have much space. Normally they have a large, tall ramp to drop down so they can build up the speed needed for the stunt. They had a very creative alternative for the small venue that seemed to give the riders the same speed as the ramp. They used a slingshot like zip-line to propel them towards the ramps. The downside was the riders needed one hand on the zip-line before they let go for the stunt.

Nitro Circus was an awesome live show that kept you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend the show to anyone who loves watching the unthinkable. It was creative and different from any other live show. I rate it a 4.5 out of 5.

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