The Ultimate Showdown: Starbucks vs. Dutch Bros

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The Ultimate Showdown: Starbucks vs. Dutch Bros

Rachel Soh, Online Editor-in-chief

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The ultimate battle of caffeine. The showdown of sugar. ‘Bucks or ‘Bros? The two popular franchises, Starbucks and Dutch Bros, are commonly known throughout the campus and many students go to these places for their famous caffeinated drinks.

We put a poll on Twitter to see if they can answer which is more popular. The winner is Dutch Bros! With a total of 32 votes, Dutch Bros won with a 44 percent lead with 72 percent favoring Dutch Bros over Starbucks. But why?

“I don’t know, I like Starbucks because of the breakfast sandwiches, but I also can’t live without rebels… I like ice coffees or frappes from Starbucks,” junior Naomi Banuelos said.

Even though Dutch Bros won the Twitter poll,Starbucks seems to catch quite the fame with their breakfast sandwiches.

“I like Starbucks because they have food and I like their drinks, but I can’t remember the names,” junior Nathan Acevedo-Somos said

But when interviewing Dutch Bros fans, they were loyal.

“I like Dutch Bros over Starbucks,” junior Erica Bergman said. “The Rebels are so good!”

Some of the popular recommended drinks for Dutch Bros include their blended Rebel drinks, hot chocolate for the winter, and smoothies. And for Starbucks, students suggest warmer drinks such as their Caramel Macchiato, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and their breakfast sandwiches, but they also have cold, refreshing frappuccinos. Both of these franchises have bountiful options for their drinks so customers can custom tailor their frappe, or Rebel to their preferred taste.

Dutch Bros and Starbucks have different drinks for different tastes. People choose a franchise depending on if they feel like having a delicious breakfast sandwich with a frappe from Starbucks, or a refreshing fruity drink from Dutch Bros.

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