InkTober: creating art everyday of October

Taylor Hunzeker, Editor-in-Chief

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InkTober's 2016 art prompts.

Courtesy of
InkTober’s 2016 art prompts.

InkTober was originally a practice exercise created by artist Jake Parker. He had the idea of making this exercise to better his inking skills and art habits. He had no idea that this practice would turn into a world famous art challenge. InkTober is a drawing challenge where artists have to create an ink drawing each day during the month of October as a motivator to improve their techniques in inking. Inking can be done by using ink pens, brush pens, and drawing ink. Special paper that is thicker will sometimes be needed to hold the weight of the ink. This challenge also helps with learning about the elements of art, time management, style creating, and the exploring of different mediums and resources.

Parker, known as Agent 44, is a concept artist, story creator, animator, and illustrator. His newest children’s book is the ‘Little Bot and Sparrow.’ He has also created other picture books, as well as graphic novels, fan art, art books, logos and watermarks, and illustrations. He created the InkTober challenge in 2009, and it has risen in popularity since then. Over the span of 10 days in 2014, over 10,000 InkTober art works were tweeted. Parker is also a co-founder of the “Society of Visual Storytelling.” The society is a website where artists can go to further their understanding of art styles and the different ways to tell a story through art and pictures. As an animator, Parker has also helped animate the movies ‘Rio,’ ‘Titan A.E.,’ and ‘Horton Hears a Who.’

Jake Parker's newest picture book 'Little Bot and the Sparrow."

Courtesy of
Jake Parker’s newest picture book ‘Little Bot and the Sparrow.”

   Different artists have done the challenge, such as Baylee Jae, Draw with Jazza, and Jacquelin Deleon. Anyone can participate in InkTober. All they have to do is pick up a pen and let their mind imagine and create.

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