Fashion: a blast from the past

Taylor Hunzeker, Editor-in-Chief

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   As this year’s graduating seniors say their goodbyes, we also say goodbye to the last group of graduates that are born in the 1990s. These seniors have been through the making of the ‘Harry Potter’ films, the invention of the Apple iPod, and the crazy experiences that MySpace and Facebook brought. Most of all, these seniors have gone through the late 90s fashion trends that bled into the early 2000s.

  Nineties fashion contrasted the more elaborate and flashy trends of the 80s, and brought with it a variety of piercings and tattoos. The term “casual chic” became popular and brought out the trend of wearing jeans and plain t-shirts, sometimes adding a hoodie to complete the look.

  This also led to the grunge look that started in mid-1992. It consisted of flannels and ripped jeans, and hasn’t entirely left today’s look. If anything, grunge has been modified to look slightly nicer. With the grunge style, mom jeans, Doc Martens, combat boots, and long and droopy skirts were worn together.

  The most memorable fashion trend from the 90’s is the continuation of neon from the 80s. The 90’s also brought metallic leggings, drainpipe jeans, and the combination of bright neon tops and leg warmers.

  For the seniors, many of whom were very young, they would most likely have been part of the child fashion trends. Boys and girls wore long sleeved polo shirts, crewneck sweatshirts worn a turtleneck, bright colored jeans, and lots of shirts that showed off Disney characters and films. Popular clothing included characters like Simba from ‘The Lion King,’ Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and characters from ‘Winnie the Pooh’.

  From neon pants to piercings, 90s fashion trends helped shape today’s style. Seniors have been through the wild ride of leg warmers and ripped jeans, and even though they were young, they probably have many photos of them sporting 90s fashions as a baby or toddler.

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