‘The Akinator,’ a modern take on 20 questions

Dalaney Torelli, Staff Reporter

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The newest craze in the app store is a game akin to 20 questions. It’s called ‘The Akinator,’ and the game guesses what the player is thinking of on a world-wide spectrum. What this app is supposed to do is guess and predict a character you are thinking of. The character can be real or fake, and the app will try its best to figure out who it is. There are five answers to the Akinator’s question, and they are yes, don’t know, no, probably, and probably not.

  Originally released in 2007, the game, developed by three French programmers led by Redstone Special, is offered on Android, iOS, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Linux, Java, Fire OS.

 So why is it grabbing popularity now? Most likely because when someone plays the game it is sort of like 20 questions, and you’re also most likely playing it with a group of friends. It’s a fun game to play as well, with its lowest rating being 3.7 on Amazon.

   Some have mixed feeling about this game, saying that it’s too slow or never works properly, but that is common for most games. This game has an extreme accuracy rate, and it’s no wonder ‘The Akinator’ was given a 4.3 out of 5 rating on the iTunes app store.  

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