Foster the People Spokane concert offered a good vibe

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  In 2009 Mark Foster founded Foster the People, an indie rock and alternative band made of six members: Mark Foster, Jacob Fink, Isom Innis, Mark Pontius, Sean Cimino, and Danyew. On July 21 Foster the People released a new album called Sacred Hearts Club. The album was mainly put together because of Mark Foster wanting to unite people together after the presidential election.The opening track of the album is called “Pay the Man.” It starts of with life’s stresses and says there is still hope and love. Another song from them is called “Doing it for the Money” that says that he isn’t making songs for the money.

On Sept. 3 the band stopped in Spokane to play at the Knitting Factory Concert House, with an opening band called Palm Springsteen, also an alternative band. They performed for roughly 30 minutes. For the extra 30 minutes they set up the stage for Foster the People.

The performance started off with the fog machine covering the band as they entered the room and got on the stage. The bass had an almost deafening sound to it because of how strong it was,but it wasn’t a bad thing. For an alternative band it had a good vibe that pumped you up to have a fix for their genre. They started off with their song called “Pay the Man”. The performance was three hours. However, since the area they performed was a bar, minors had to stand in a certain area with an X on both of their hands, they stood for four hours, adding the time they waited in line to enter the building.

Overall, the performance was amazing, sounding identical to the tracks they released on their albums. They even played their top hit “Pumped up Kicks,”: which almost the entire audience sang knowing every beat and word in the song. Most of the songs they played were the top tracks of the albums they have already released. The concert was well worth the money, even if you were standing for awhile.

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