15:17 acting falls short of worth while for movie

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15:17 acting falls short of worth while for movie

Bri Barnes, Sports Editor

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In the movie ‘The 15:17 to Paris,’ three long-term American best friends, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, and Spencer Stone, decide to go on a cross country trip in Europe. They had it all planned out, from which sites they would see to where they would stay. The last stop on their journey was Paris, but little did they know their lives were going to change. On the men’s train ride from Amsterdam to Paris, they encountered a terrorist armed with an assault rifle along with a bag of 300 or more rounds. In this situation, two of the three men that had military training kicked into action. They were able to stop the gunman before he killed anyone.

Throughout the movie, it shows how the characters’ relationships with each other started and grew since they were in junior high. Skarlatos and Stone have always been close since they were neighbors, but the two met Sadler one day in the principal’s office at their middle school. All of them kept in touch as they become adults and split ways.

Since this film was based on a true story, director Clint Eastwood took the chance and had the men act as themselves, which was a mistake since the guys sounded like they could have used a few more acting lessons before filming, along with the kids who acted as the younger versions of them.

Also, at the end there was actual footage of the men receiving their Legion of Honours medal from the French president. This really tied up the movie nicely.

This movie told the story of the three unrecognized brave men that helped save hundreds of lives in a country other than their own in a very honorable and well-produced way.

The movie came out Feb. 9 and is showing in all theaters.

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