RadCon offers attendees opportunities

Emmaleena Wood, Staff reporter

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Welcome to the world of sci-fi and fantasy where you can be anything you want through cosplay and imagination. RadCon is a sci-fi/fantasy convention that goes on for three days once a year. This year it was at the Red Lion in Pasco on Feb. 16-1. There are a variety of activities that occur including book talks with some authors, gaming tournaments, an art show, an auction where they auction off structures and other valuable items/art, countless stores that sell clothes, a variety of board games and collectables, belly dancers and a fire ignition show.
At the fire ignition show, a group of people perform fire tricks. During the gaming tournament, some of the games they play are Battletech, Necromunda, Dungeons and Dragons,and Munchkin Quest. Depending on the game, the tournament could last up to seven hours.
“There are prizes to the games. I remember spending five hours on Munchkin Quest , and I won the board game and the expansion,”said sophomore Kendra Welsh.
The late night dances, also known as raves, go on from 10 p.m.- 3 a.m.
”There’s no specific way to dress for it, but most people wear not a lot of clothing and unique styles. Almost everyone has glow sticks and light up toys” said Welsh.
At the rave, Welsh described the music being super loud and without lyrics. Welsh has been going to the RadCon since she was born and said she has enjoyed it for a while. “I like the gaming side to it all. It can get old once you go every year, but it’s a great way to experience new things and meet new people. People from all over come to the convention,” Welsh said.
RadCon welcomes people from all over the world and feeds people’s love of science fiction and fantasy.

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