2017 Homecoming royalty announced

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At the assembly on Friday, the king and queen homecoming winners of the freshman, sophomore, and juniors were announced. Later that night, they announced the senior king and queen at the football game.

  The freshman class king was Alex Swaney, and the queen was Lexi Nite. Swaney said, “It was fun to be nominated with my girlfriend.” He was glad to have this opportunity to share with her.

  The sophomore class king was Tommy Beason, and the queen was Regan Schumacher. Schumacher said, “It was fun to be nominated with my friends Harper and McKenna.” Schumacher also said, “My family was thrilled and happy for me.”

  The junior class king was Brent Child, and the queen Maddy Washam.  Washam said, “Walking out there, like hearing people cheer for you, was just so nice and makes you feel so good inside ’cause as a high school student, we always feel like we are not good enough like we have insecurities, but that was just such a great time.”

  The senior king was Robert Pischel, and the queen was Janessa Pearson. Pischel said, “It was fun to go out there. All my friends were excited about it ’cause it took so long.” Pischel was glad that Pearson and he finally won.   

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