Art Club contributes to school life and has fun in the process

Louis Barrett, Staff Reporter

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The desk of Mrs. Haines.

Students have many choices of clubs to join, activities to be part of and sports to participate in. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to look first. One possibility that students may consider is Art Club. Unknown to some, Art club is often working for our visual appeal.

Those who take art class may be aware of the art pieces spread across the room, showcasing the art and talent of the students—some of who participate in the club. Occasionally found in the room are some of the Art Club’s projects. A recent example of the club’s contributions to a school event are the posters they designed for the 007 Homecoming back in September.

On the importance of Art Club, adviser and art teacher Anna Haines said, “Kids can be apart of art class and find like-minded individuals. They also get opportunities to work professionally.”

Students can learn many professional aspects of the art field, along with meeting artists who come to see them. Art students are often asked to do face painting at elementary schools. Workshops and opportunity are granted to members of the Art Club and can be heavily beneficial. “Don’t be afraid to change what you’re comfortable with. Change is growth. Art speaks with visual words. You can bring causes upfront, rather than printed in word on poster,” Haines added.

With Day of the Dead approaching, Haines is encouraging art students to assist with the preparations. Upon a quick glance in the art room, you would see an array of work ready for the festivities planned.

From 5 to 8 p.m. on Nov. 26, you can join the celebration. In room 432, they’ll have a multitude of activities: playing Disney’s ‘Coco,’ painting sugar skulls and eating snacks, all of which is for free. If you’d like to join Art Club or just see what it’s all about, their meetings are held during lunch on Fridays in the same room.

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