Gun violence in America still proceeds


Madison Badgley, Staff Reporter

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Even after President Obama made gun control a centerpiece of his 2013 State of the Union address, many shootings have occurred since then. On Saturday, Jan. 25 in Columbia, MD, three people, including the suspected shooter, were killed at a local mall. NBC News said that this shooting was no random shooting, but a domestic incident.

There have been eight school shootings since the New Year. Three shootings occurred last week, two of which were fatal. A student was shot and injured at Widener University outside of Philadelphia on Monday. On Tuesday, a student at Purdue University was fatally shot on campus. And just this past Friday, a student at South Carolina State University was fatally shot near a dorm.

So far the fight against gun control has not gone too well. Twenty eight shootings occurred last year, including the one at Sandy Hook, and there are probably still more to come.

The fight over gun control laws and regulations has now moved to the nation’s statehouses, when it was previously overlooked by the Capitol. After previous shooting instances, Obama acknowledged mass shootings have become seemingly commonplace. He urged Americans to reject the notion that they are an unavoidable part of American life.

So do not let yourself to believe that random acts of gun violence or any violence is the “new normal”, but believe that some control will come.

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