Can cell phones be a possible cause of breast cancer for some women?

Madison Badgley, Staff Reporter

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In a recent discovery, some doctors are seeing cell phones as a possible cause of breast cancer for certain women. Many women like to carry their phones in their bra if they don’t have a pocket or purse. Some breast cancer cases have come up where the cancer was found where the women were carrying their cell phones.

Twenty-one-year old Tiffany Frantz was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she fears it may be caused by her cell phone, which she likes to carry in her bra. It is not really common for women under the age of 40 to get breast cancer, and only about five percent of women under 40 are diagnosed. Frantz’s case and another similar case got doctors’ attention.

Since there is a lack of scientific evidence this theory, the wireless industry denies the possibility of breast cancer being caused by cell phones. “There’s no evidence, but that’s because we haven’t studied it,” said breast surgeon Lisa Bailey.

So who’s to say that cell phones causing breast cancer isn’t a possibility if there are no studies? With this being said, the new iPhone manual advises against keeping the phone less than half an inch away from any body part. This is kind of hard since we have our phones close to us almost all the time.
Some doctors are saying that the heat of the battery or the radio frequency may increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Not just women, but some men who carry their phones in their shirt pockets can be at risk as well. Yes, it is true; men can get breast cancer, too. Don’t let this alarm you too much, though! The Center for Disease Control says since there is no scientific evidence or research for this theory, there is no proof of a connection to any health effects.

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