Spring into spring break and register for a Community Education class

Emily Aardahl, Op-Ed Editor

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Spring is a time of new beginnings. With the flowers coming back into bloom and the temperatures warming up, students look forward to spring break and a chance to mentally spring clean all the stress from school out of their heads.

But new beginnings also means new opportunities, and this year’s community education classes are the perfect chance for students to begin learning any one of a vast pool of new skills.

Community education classes begin on April 6, right after spring break, and go all the way until May 28. The evening and weekend classes come in a wide variety, from cooking to crocheting to Japanese to basket weaving.

The classes offer anything from valuable life skills, such as sewing, to tutoring in enjoyable pastimes, such as photography. Those who enroll will be taught by professionals who have been working at perfecting their knowledge of their skills, and can teach either in person or online depending on the choice of courses students take.

Ever wanted to learn Russian? How to play guitar? Sign language? Fencing? Community ed classes allow students (and their parents) to learn skills that they usually wouldn’t have any other opportunities to learn. Some students don’t have time to take every elective they want to take over the course of their high school career, so community education is a possible alternative to completely sacrificing their passion for what they want to do.

Classes cost a minimum of $12 and can be paid with cash or check. Registration information can be found in community education catalogs, and must be filled out and returned in person, by mail, or online at communityed.ksd.org.

Information about all the classes offered by the community education system can be found in catalogs at the Community Ed Department of the KSD Administration Center located at 1000 W. 4th Avenue, Kennewick. These catalogs can also be obtained at many local libraries and businesses, and at all school offices.

Questions? Call 222-5080, or look on the KSD website for a PDF version of the catalog.


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