Kamiakin Braves go international

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Kamiakin Braves go international

Chloe Grundmeier

Andy Ha, Entertainment Editor

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Spring Break 2015, history teacher, Sabiha Khan, takes a group of Kamiakin students on a journey to the land across the pond. The once in a lifetime experience was a part of the organization Education First. The trip took Khan and the students across the Mediterranean coast over the course of nine days.

Their first destination, after all the flying, was to the country of Italy. They stayed in the beautiful town of Lavagna. They went to Cinque Terre, a collection of five small coastal villages, where they hiked up mountains, walked through monasteries, viewed the beautiful sea from the top of a tower on a cliff, and so many more. After seeing all the beautiful sights and enjoying some amazing authentic Italian cuisine, they were off to their next destinations, Monaco and France.

In Monaco, they got to see the royal palace and gorgeous cathedrals. In France, they visited Nice, where they relaxed on a stunning beach, shopped in designer stores, and overall roamed the lovely city. They also made a stop at Saint-Paul-De-Vence, one of the oldest medieval towns on the Riviera. After enjoying their stay in France, they headed off to their final destination.

The last destination they took was to Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona, they got to go see a few of Antoni Gaudi’s exquisite masterpieces like the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. They then roamed the city to see what it had to offer.

About the trip, sophomore Cortni Bisson said, “It was really awesome. I got to see a lot of new stuff and got to have a lot of fun experiences.” And many of the other students felt that way as well.

“The whole Europe trip was a fantastic trip. You got to meet other students from the U.S. on the tour. We had people from Las Vegas and California,” junior Brandon Weimar said. “It’s just great that we have people come together and see the beautiful sight that was Europe.”

Sophomore Carli Ramos agreed too. “I thought it was amazing. I was super impressed on how much we had time to relax and walk around the cities. I was really impressed overall,” she said.

Beside all the fun they had, they learned a lot as well. Ramos said, “I saw a lot of things I’ve never seen before. The different cultures, different people, and different food. I took a lot from the trip.”

On what Bisson had learned, she said, “I learned a lot about Barcelona. I saw one of the big cathedrals there. That was the main thing that I thought was cool.”

Weimar also took a lot from the trip as well. “What I learned is that if you don’t know the language, at least try to learn it a bit and learn about their culture because they won’t try to assimilate with you. You have to assimilate with them,” he said.

On whether they recommended on going on a trip like this, they all said they would recommend it. “I definitely recommend any of the EF tour trips,” Weimar said. Bisson also thought very fondly of the trip. “It’s definitely worth it, I recommend it.” Ramos added in, saying, “If you get the chance, you should do something like this.”

The group of Kamiakin students poses for this photograph in an Italian train station before heading to Cinque Terre.

The group of Kamiakin students poses for this photograph in an Italian train station before heading to Cinque Terre.

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