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Rachel Soh, Online Editor-in-Chief

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Last Friday in the West Gym, a career and college fair was held where students could visit to learn about potential careers or interests in colleges. Recruiters from the military, colleges, and other programs were there to talk about who they represented. Students were also able to find out information on how to get connected and/or apply for their career or college interest. Some of the recruiters there were interviewed on their experience at the fair as well as some advice for future students who are interested in a specific college or career interest.


Tyler Junt, a recruiter from the Tri-tech Fire Program

“We are involved in the Tri-Tech Fire Program, and it’s our second year in the program. We’ve got to ride alone and go to the fire station. When we go to the fire station we do everything they do.” The advice they gave to future students at the Tri-Tech Fire Program is: “Be dedicated. It’s a lot of hard work.”

Another fellow recruiter from Tri-Tech Fire Program, Rachel Halterman said,


Chelsea Fields, a recruiter from the Forest Service

“Our program is about managing and protecting the forest and its resources. We have a lot of different options that don’t always require college-such as the fire fighting program. However we do focus in natural resources.” Forest Service recruiter, Chelsea Fields said.


Michael Metz and Jamison, Army recruiters.

“My advice: research. Talk to a recruiter for questions and things you find online. Talk to friends and family who are involved in the army. And if you see things that are too good to be true, then always verify information from the recruiter.” When talking about their experience at the college and career fair, they said, “It has been pretty good at the college fair. This year’s fair has been better than last year,” army recruiter, Michael Metz said.


Kyle Byrd, Navy recruiter.

“With the military in general, it’s good to be on top of grades-especially math and science and you should study for the ASVAB test. The Navy is a technical branch and our job is to give support to the other branches. This is my second year here and it’s a very organized event,” Navy recruiter, Kyle Byrd said.


Urrego, Washington National Guard recruiter.

“The part of the attraction to the reserves is that you’re practically a part time soldier. You go out to work for one week out of the month and you’re more part of the community and the state. The benefits are pretty much the same as the other branches. We help more on state emergencies. When you leave the reserves, you get a degree and the experience of being a soldier.” Washington National Guard, Urrego said.


Ssgt. Anchondo, Marine recruiter

“The Marines are hard to get into and it isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a challenge, you’re looking at the right place. Not a lot of people join the military in the United States-only about 1 percent. If you’re thinking about going into the Marines-like everything-you have to think of a direction and a plan. The surface benefits in the Marines are the same as the rest of the military-free college and experience,” Marine recruiter, Ssgt. Anchondo said.

“We specialize in Air space and Cyberspace and we secure companies from cyber attacks and we’re known as the silent tech professionals. We control the satellites and plane surveillance. We are the only branch of the military that has their own colleges. You could call it the best full ride scholarship and internship ever. You leave the Air Force with experience and a degree.” With Grisafe’s experience with recruiting people from the school, he said, “I love Kamiakin. This is my school. We recruit great people at this school.”


University of Idaho – College of Arts and Architecture close up.

“The University of Idaho-College of Arts and Architecture encompasses lots of different majors. There is a lot of hands-on experience and project opportunities. For me, it has been a great four years which is why I’m staying for graduate school. The transition from undergraduate to graduate is pretty seamless. The school has a great community with small class sizes which are great for asking questions. My experience at Kamiakin has been great since I graduated in 2012 when Run Kano really took of. I love this school and I still have the rivalries with the other schools.” University of Idaho-College of Arts and Architecture recruiter, Macy Brannan said.


Kristy Philips, Washington State University Tri-cities recruiter

“WSU Tri Cities is a great opportunity to get involved. We can give you great experience with your major especially with out major research facility. The faculty at WSU Tri really get you involved. I really enjoy these career fairs because local and out of state colleges can reach out to the students,” Washington State University-Tri-cities recruiter, Kristy Phillips said.

“FIDM is located in Downtown California. We recently created a new program called social media design and you can get a four year degree. We also have a two year fashion program, where freshmen and sophomores get to work in the industry,” FIDM recruiter, Annette Olson said.


“University of Washington provides lots of resources to excel, which is why our new slogan is “Be Boundless” because we want our students to have ‘boundless’ opportunities. UW is known as one of the best schools in Washington because of our educational goals with our academics and research facilities in not only majors that have to do with math or science, but with other majors. I love coming out here. I also grew in a smaller town, so I’m more familiar with the smaller communities. I’m here as someone who is willinging to help the students with their questions and clarification. Also, with the underrepresentation of minorities, these career fairs give them access to potential careers and colleges they might be interested in,” University of Washington recruiter, Jaime Soto said.


Jose Gutierrez, Universal Technical Institute recruiter

“We are a transportation and motor sports program. It is an accelerated program, which means we have school all year round. For interested students, whether they know nothing or everything, we have classes with different levels that can teach you new things. This program is female friendly, so there is no discrimination with gender. Electronic components are involved, so an interest in engineering is encouraged. We are the only school in the country that is sponsored and endorsed by NASCAR, so if there are students that are interested in NASCAR, this would be a great program for them to get involved,” Universal Technical Institute recruiter, Jose Gutierrez said.

“We are located in Lewiston, Idaho. This school is a two year and four year school and we are known for our nursing education and pre-med. I love this school and there’s a reason why I still work for the school even though I’ve already graduated. I want t help other students get the same experience I got. If I had to describe the school, it would be warm. The school itself is very open and relaxed, but it’s still challenging. It has a small school feel, which is good because you get the attention you need from the teachers. With my experience at Kamiakin I’ve had good conversations and experiences. It’s good when the questions they ask aren’t on the back of the sheet,” Lewis-Clark State College recruiter, Sam Maynes said.

For more information on colleges in campus, students can always go to their counselor and for all the students who want to apply for some scholarships-the options available here.

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