Kamiakin Braves start college

Jacob Olson, Staff Reporter

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High school started more than a month ago, but Columbia Basin College (CBC) started less than two weeks ago. Kamiakin juniors and seniors have just begun CBC. Running Start is a program at CBC that allows students to take college classes to earn high school and college credits. Running start does not require tuition but does make students pay mandatory fees. Students buy their own books and provide their own transportation to and from CBC. To be eligible for CBC, students need to have passed the Compass Test. Students can attend just the college classes or can take both college and high school classes.

“All the kids are there to learn and they’re very mature and motivated. My favorite class is my computer class. The teacher is super nice and laid back”-Shaina Ruppelious, who is a first year Running Start student. Running Start is a state funded program and is a great program to be in if you want collage credits when you’re in high school. “My favorite part of CBC is not going to school on Fridays. I miss getting to go to all the assembly’s and just the everyday activities.” – Daria Olson said.

Running start does, however, have drawbacks like missing the assembly’s, not getting to talk to friends who are not in running start, and having too much homework. Missing the assemblies is just not fun because you miss all the teachers and the students running around the gym floor in random costumes and doing unplanned acts to songs that are completely haphazard. That being said, it also can distance you from friends that don’t take Running Start because you might only have one or two classes at Kamiakin or maybe you don’t have any classes at Kamiakin. Homework can also be a drag, for instance, people wouldn’t want have to worry about getting a three page paper done the day before it’s due.

CBC offers great opportunities for students who are serious about learning and desire college credits. High schoolers wanting an associate degree should take CBC because it’s cheaper that paying college tuition.

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