Band earns recognition at Cavalcade competition

Marjean Allen-Dunn

Thomas Metcalf, Entertainment Editor

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  On Oct. 1, the Scarlet Tide Marching Band performed at the 35th annual Cavalcade of Bands at Edgar Brown Stadium in Pasco. Their show theme was The Colors of Projected Light. Each section of the band performed wearing different uniform colors such as red, green, and blue.

  Their performance at Cavalcade won best in the AAA Small band division. The band also earned the best winds and brass, best percussion, best auxiliary, and best general effect awards in their division.

  “I think that the prelim[inary] performance, the music went really well. The music was super impactful and I could feel it when I was up there. It’s the best we’ve ever heard it and that was probably the very best. That’s why we won best music,” said senior Jeff Matheson. Matheson is the marching band’s drum major.

  As said by many fans of the Scarlet Tide, the finals performance was possibly the best performance the band has had in years at Cavalcade. The band managed to place sixth overall in finals.

  Warming up is a big part of the performance and director Keith Russell works hard trying to perfect a warm-up routine for the band.

  “One of the things that we’ve tried to do over the last few years is develop a systematic preparation routine that includes music warmup and visual and physical warm-up. And maintain that routine so that we’re consistently getting after the basic performance issues related to good performance technique. The other thing that goes into preparation for a performance is a significant amount of planning,” said Russell.

  Also at the competition were the Southridge and Richland High School marching bands.

  “I think it was awesome. Not only was it awesome to perform and see how well we did, I think it was just awesome to hang out there with my friends during the free time and enjoyed the break because this was my final Cavalcade,” said Matheson.

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