Cooper Ellison: remembered as loving and outgoing

Madison Morgan

Madison Morgan, Editor-in-chief

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The applause had died down. The homecoming court had been given their sashes and crowns. The student section was quiet, until those clutching the “ACE #1” flag began to chant, “Cooper, Cooper, Cooper,” the rest of the student section following suit. This was all towards the memory of senior Cooper Ellison.

Eighteen year-old Cooper Ellison passed away Oct. 14. Cooper had been hunting in Whitman county, near the city of LaCrosse, when he went to call his girlfriend, senior Unique Zier. After calling Unique, Cooper’s ATV flipped, landing on top of him, ultimately suffocating him.

Cooper had been nominated for homecoming court, and his family asked that his name remain on the ballot after his passing, saying they would accept the nomination on his behalf.

The theme of the Oct. 20 homecoming football game was “Camo for Coop,” in memory of Cooper. Before the game, the school’s varsity football team ran out with an ACE #1 flag, carried by junior Benson Smith. Smith, the varsity wide receiver and defensive running back, made the flag for Cooper.

Friends of Cooper holding the Ace #1 flag made by junior Benson Smith at the Oct. 20 homecoming football game.

Madison Morgan
Friends of Cooper holding the Ace #1 flag made by junior Benson Smith at the Oct. 20 homecoming football game.

“We usually run out onto the field with a couple different flags, and I thought ‘Why not make one for a good friend who we should really honor, and give our support to him and his family,’” said Smith.

During halftime, after announcing all senior nominees, senior Sadie Holler asked for a drum roll before announcing Cooper and Zier the 2016 senior homecoming royalty. In place of Cooper, his family accepted his sash and crown.

“I was happy for his family, you know, he was a popular kid here at Kamiakin. He had a lot of friends, and I just thought that it was fitting that he got that honor,” said baseball coach and teacher Ryan Carter.

Stickers were also commissioned in memory of Cooper by seniors Allie Biddison and Kendyl Holle.

“[Allie] just moved here, but she had a couple classes with Cooper, and…her friend Kendyl helped her out with it. They just thought it’d be a nice thing to do,” said Smith, who is Biddison’s cousin. “The one’s that went on the back of helmets said “Ace,” but some of the car stickers said “Rest easy Ace,” and his birthday, and the day he passed away.”

The stickers created for Cooper by seniors Allie Biddison and Kendyl Holle.

Madison Morgan
The stickers created for Cooper by seniors Allie Biddison and Kendyl Holle.

Students and teachers alike have said that they hope Cooper will be remembered for his happiness and friendliness.

“He was just a super nice and awesome outgoing guy. He was loved by everyone. He really made a difference in everyone’s lives around him,” said Smith.

Cooper was on the school’s varsity basketball and baseball teams. He played shortstop for coach Carter through school and competitive baseball.

“His whole thing was that he wanted to make people smile, and make people laugh. And I think, when people think of Cooper Ellison, they’re going to think of funny stories and laughing, and he’s very tight with his family. And just those things, as far as being part of a family, and having fun and making people laugh and making people feel better about themselves. He had a real knack with kids and with people that were less fortunate and connecting with them, and I hope that’ll be his legacy from here on out,” said Carter.

Cooper will never be forgotten, and will always be remembered as an important Brave in our tribe. Fly high Ace.

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