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Bee population in decline, insects facing extinction

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Morgan Eckhardt, Staff Reporter

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   Bees may be scary, or maybe you think they’re cute. Either way, they are an important yet underappreciated insect, and they are going extinct. You may not take the extinction of bees seriously, thinking it does not affect you personally, but think again. Bees alone pollination one-third of everything we eat, which is about $19 billion worth of agricultural crops in just the U.S alone.

   “About 40 percent of invertebrate pollinator species (such as bees and butterflies) are facing extinction. This could have major implications for world food supply because about 75 percent of the world’s food crops … depend at least partly on pollination,” ssaid the University of Hawaii.

   The Honey Bee population is only half of what it was during World War Two, and just after this winter 23.2 percent of honeybee colonies were lost.

   “The US government has stated that bees are now dying at an economically unsustainable rate. Indeed, in the United States alone, bees contribute to $19 billion in crop value. Without them, agriculture as we know it would collapse,” said

   If you care about the planet we all live on, or maybe you care more about the foods bees pollinate, you’re personally affected by bees because without bees, those foods wouldn’t exist, and eventually neither would we. Harvard School of Public Health found that pesticides are causing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which is basically like giving the bees Alzheimer’s. They go insane and forget how to return home, causing them to eventually die.

   “The ironic thing is that bees are not out there pollinating our food intentionally. They’re out there because they need to eat. Bees get all of the protein they need in their diet from pollen and all of the carbohydrates they need from nectar. They’re flower-feeders, and as they move from flower to flower, basically on a shopping trip at the local floral mart, they end up providing this valuable pollination service,”  said Marla Spivak on Elite Daily.

   Some ways you can help make sure the bees do not end up going extinct are very simple, like planting a few flowers or fruits. Spring time is coming and a lot of dandelions will bloom, which is around the time bees are coming into season looking for food, and dandelions are usually their first resource. This is a serious problem if it doesn’t get taken care of soon, and the smallest actions make a huge difference. Keep the bees in mind this summer.

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Bee population in decline, insects facing extinction