Knowledge Bowl wins first place at Oct. 24 competition

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On Oct. 24 members of the school’s Knowledge Bowl took first place in their first competition of the school year.

“Knowledge Bowl is an event where teams of  four to six people sit in a room with two other teams and questions are read aloud. The teams ring in, and whoever can come up with the correct answer first based off the order they ring in receives a point,” said Knowledge Bowl captain and senior Connor Gaspar. “[Afterwards] is a written round where the teams …work on multiple choice questions for around 45 minutes and they receive rankings based off their amount correct.”

Gaspar, a member of the club since his freshman year, said it felt great winning the competition.

“It feels good to get first because I feel like we’ve improved a lot from last year, especially with our experiences at the state competition. We’re probably the best team in our region,” Gaspar said.

Senior Anthony Yanez also said that he was happy the team got first place.

“It felt justifiable. I expected to get first…and it was really nice to kind of confirm that we are the top. We cannot let that get to our heads, but it’s huge for our confidence,” said Yanez.

In light of the win, members of the club reminisced about why they signed up for Knowledge Bowl in the first place.

“Last year I didn’t really know what Knowledge Bowl was until I had two teachers recommend that I try it out,” said junior and Knowledge Bowl member Taylor Forbes. “I showed up for the first practice and loved it.”

Senior Myanna Moody remembered signing up for the club as a way to spend more time with her best friend.

“My best friend [senior] Connor [Gaspar] is the captain and he really wanted us to have something to do together. He needed more people to be on the team…so he asked me last year if I would join,” said Moody. “I told him I would if we had lunch practices, so he changed the practice schedule [for me]. It’s probably the nicest thing he’s ever done for me.”

Courtesy of senior Myanna Moody.
Members of the winning Knowledge Bowl team. From left to right: Seniors Myanna Moody, Anthony Yanez, and Connor Gaspar. In center is junior Taylor Forbes.

Besides getting first place, other members of the Knowledge Bowl received fourth and eighth place at the competition.

“I just wanted to say how great both the other Kamiakin teams did at the meet as well,” said Forbes. “For most of them, this was their first ever competition, and both teams were in the Top three at some point in the meet. Everyone at the competition did great, and as we continue to get even more experience, we’ll just get better.”

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