Students trick or treat for cans of food

Their service helped add to food pantry for needy students

Vazgen Yedoyan, Staff Reporter

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Halloween is not only the holiday when you put on different costumes, watch spooky films and go trick or treating, but also time when you can challenge other people to do something special. The only thing you need for this is a wish, and our Ran Kano students had it.

At our school, we have a food pantry that Run Kano helps to stock. It is located in the cafeteria, and if students have a need for food, they just have to ask. Run Kano and other student groups come up with creative ways to keep the pantry stocked.

This Halloween, Run Kano and the National Honor Society went trick-or-treating for canned goods. About 30 students participated in this activity, and they were able to add about 500 cans to the food pantry as a result.

Senior McKinzi Teeples said that the goal of that event was to restore the food cans from where students can take food home. Also she said that it was good just to spend time with friends and to help other students at the same time.

The leader of Run Kano, senior Jacob Mulholland said that this happens every year on Halloween for the pantry. Mulholland said that he continues to take part because he loves helping and serving the community. He likes to help people be happy. “It makes me feel warm on the inside,” he said.

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