Beating the blues this holiday season

Noelle Wadlow, Staff Reporter

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Traditionally, the holiday season is a time of love, laughter, joy and celebration. A time to be with the people we love the most and enjoy all that we have.

Yet for some, the holidays are a struggle. With the holidays comes a nostalgia that takes an emotional toll on many.  Whether it be coping with the absence of a loved one that has passed away, dealing with the painful reminder of a divorce or a broken family, or the realization of how much your world has changed since holidays past, the holidays can be incredibly rough on people. They are meant to be a time to rejoice for what you have—but they can also be a sharp reminder of all you have lost.

So, what can you do to push through this time of renewed pain and loss? How do you cope with the resurfacing of old wounds and past regrets?

Firstly, remember that it is okay to feel this way. Accept your grief; it is not a bad thing—unless you allow it to dictate your thoughts or actions. So take some time to yourself to deal with these feelings. Take a trip out of town, cry over cheesy Hallmark films with a tub of chocolate ice cream, take a walk to clear your head—and then put those feelings in the back of your mind and get back to enjoying the holidays as they are meant to be enjoyed.

Try something different. While the holidays are usually a time of many traditions, do not be afraid to do away with the old and welcome the new. Start new traditions, mix things up a little. Just as your life has changed, it is all right to bring changes to the holidays too. Rediscover them for yourself.

Do things that make you feel good. Bake something delicious, make a snow angel. Connect with your community. Reach out to a charity, go to a few ludicrous Christmas parties or those notoriously awkward family dinners. It is important to not isolate yourself, and to allow yourself to find enjoyment and pleasure in the holidays, in whatever way works for you.

Most importantly, do not be too hard on yourself. After all, as cliché as it may be, the holidays are a time to be thankful and jolly and to spread holiday cheer. So make the best of it.



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