Those choosing to abstain from voting, not wasting their vote

Madison Morgan, Editor-in-Chief

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As it draws closer to Nov. 8, many voters have already decided what candidate’s name they’ll write on their ballot. But there are those who are abstaining from voting this year, citing lack of favorable candidates as their reason. Media has said those not voting are wasting their votes, due to the tight race between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Students understood why some of those who can vote aren’t.

“Both candidates have fought about things, and people have bad images for both of them, but there’s also good things about them, so it’s just how [voters] take it,” said freshman Garrett Grillo.

Grillo admitted he agreed with aspects of each candidates’ policies, but he went back and forth on which candidate he favored for this year’s election.

“I’d vote, but I’d look more into [each candidate’s policies], because as a younger [person], I still can’t vote. I’d look more into who is better, and find out which side I’d vote for,” said Grillo. “I go back and forth. Some [candidates] talk about some things, and I disagree with them. But I think they’re both pretty good.”

Senior Alexandra Rodriguez also said that she agreed with parts of the candidates’ policies, rather than one candidate in general. Rodriquez also says she didn’t register to vote this year because she disliked both candidates. She wants to register for the next election and is hopeful the candidates will be better than this year’s.

“I don’t know who the president’s going to be,” Rodriguez said, acknowledging the close race between candidates Clinton and Trump.

Those who are abstaining from voting have the right to do so, whether or not the race is close. Voters give their support to the candidate who aligns the best with their ideals, and if Clinton and Trump aren’t the ideal candidates for some Americans, they shouldn’t be harassed into voting for them.

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