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Snow affecting Kamiakin seniors

Morgan Eckgardt and Tatum McElroy

Tatum McElroy and Morgan Eckhardt, Staff Reporters

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How do you feel about all the snow days students have had this year in the Kennewick School District? If you’re a senior you know that your graduation date is being sacrificed, you’re stuck with the choice of graduating on June 21 or attending a few hours of Saturday school.

“I would do the Saturday school, it’s only a few hours out of your weekend and I think we have enough responsible kids to show up to Saturday school so we don’t all have to stay in school longer,” said senior Corey Aznoe.

Senior Corey Aznoe. Photo by Morgan Eckhardt and Tatum McElroy.

This winter in Tri-Cities was a crazy, cold and long winter, and no one expected the amount of snow received. Students can’t blame the school district for all the snow days, but is it fair the seniors are stuck with a choice of one or the other?

“I don’t think it’s fair that my last summer before college is going to be shortened because of snow days… I wouldn’t have chosen to have school cancelled on certain snow days,” said senior Madison Judy.

Senior Madison Judy. Photo by Morgan Eckhardt and Tatum McElroy.

A lot of school days that got cancelled this year made staff and students feel as if they might have been unreasonably called upon. There were nine overall school days that were fully cancelled along with several delays. To try and solve the problem KSD will also apply for a waiver called the State of Emergency Proclamation. It will wave five of the eight days missed in January so students wouldn’t have to make them up. This would benefit a lot of seniors, and school would end on June 14 if this waiver gets passed, only pushing back the original date of school getting out by four days.

There could be other options to resolve the issue, and several teachers felt that there were other ways the problem could have been solved.

“One of the options might have been adding time to each period… it will never be something that makes everyone happy but we need to keep graduation in main focus,” said librarian Lucy Razor. With the statement being said “we need to keep graduation in main focus”, is the senior class as a whole responsible enough to show up to Saturday classes?

“Since it is only a couple hours i feel like the majority of the seniors would show up… I would show up for Saturday school I’d just make sure that I didn’t have work that weekend so it wouldn’t compromise with me being able to make money that weekend,” said senior Peyton McQueary.

Senior Peyton McQueary. Photo by Morgan Eckhardt and Tatum McElroy.

Saturday school classes would have to have 75 percent of the students there to count as a school day. So let’s hope kids take it seriously, even though they didn’t cause the weather, they still have to make up for it.


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Snow affecting Kamiakin seniors