Graduating seniors give advice to fellow classmates

Morgan Eckhardt, Staff Reporter

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  The graduating seniors of 2017 have experienced traumatic losses of fellow students, won state championships, and now weeks away from the graduation day, they wanted to share a few words of wisdom.

   Senior Corey Aznoe had advice speciafically for freshmen and sophomores. 
   “When it comes to school work, don’t put it off. It is the first thing you should always do so you don’t have to worry about it later, because then when your junior and senior year get here you won’t be a senior making up your freshman credits. If you tough it out now, it will pay off later,” he said. 

   Parker Chrasler, a senior, said it was important to be involved in school activities while in high school.   

“Take a club while you can. It’s well worth the experience and will give you good memories with new people. You will end up regretting it if you don’t, in my opinion,” he said.

  Once you make it to your senior year, you start to look back on your four years at Kamiakin and realize some of the things you should have done to make things easier and regret the opportunities you missed. Take the advice from the seniors and don’t miss out on making your high school experience memorable and positive.

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