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School spirit and how students show it

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Students cheering at an assembly.

Students cheering at an assembly.

Taylor Hunzeker

Taylor Hunzeker

Students cheering at an assembly.

School spirit is a major representation of how connected a school can be and opinions on Kamiakin’s school spirit can be thinking that Kamiakin students are amazing at showing their school spirit or can be looked at in a way that students are lacking at showing it. The overall question is are Kamiakin’s students losing it’s school spirit or our they doing just fine.

Homecoming spirit week was October 9th-13th. Monday was blackout day, Tuesday beach day, Wednesday patriotic day, Thursday dress to impress day, and Friday camo day. By looking around on campus, Friday was the most spirited result. Camo clothes and accessories were everywhere but this could just be from the morning pep rally with KEPRTV or from the fact that many students on campus like hunting.

Sophomore Buffy Burton and Senior Brittney Cox posing on beach day.

When asked what their thoughts are on Kamiakin’s school spirit, freshman Colby Kraft said, “It’s always hyped.” Even though he thinks that his first experience with Kamikain’s spirit days was great and memorable, he does believe that the spirit days should have been more advertized so they could be more widely know throughout the whole student body.


ASB and leadership teacher, Elise Fleming, helped with the making of the spirit days and homecoming events and believes Kamiakin is definitely showing school spirit. “I think Kamiakin has always had really good spirit and the kids are really willing to participate in Kamiakin’s events and activities and they want to be involved which is really cool,” she said.

“I think that there is always room for improvement so there’s always certain groups of kids that love to get more involved in those spirit days and to get them more connected with this school.” Fleming said. She also thinks that the spirit days that were chosen for this past week were chosen thoughtfully and very well. The days were able to involve almost all students and that is the most important thing in thinking about school spirit.

Junior Anna Lagonegro dressing to impress on Thursday.


Senior Brittney Cox had a different side on the matter. “I know when I came in as a freshman we had a lot of school spirit,” she said. “The seniors that year rocked it. They were on top of things, they dressed up… so it was really cool as a freshman to see, but then when they left they kinda left with them, like spirit decreased. I always try to dress up because it’s fun. I think it’s important because you can be out of the norm and be crazy.”

We asked Cox if spirit days should bring a sort of togetherness and she said, “Yeah, I think it is important because it shows that everyone that we are connected together. We can be crazy together, can yell together and like when no one dresses up then no one cares anymore. It shows a lack of that togetherness, a lack of passion for school and spirit.”

“We are all students, we are all here to learn, we are all here. We could be at a different school but we aren’t. We are here together for a reason. We should realize that we are all here together,” Cox said.

Cox believes that there isn’t enough spirit at Kamiakin and more students should be involved, but Kraft believes that the student body is succeeding in showing their school spirit. There is always room for improvement and Kamiakin can do that.

Taylor Hunzeker
Senior Brittney Cox and sophomore Emily Cox posing on patriotic day.

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School spirit and how students show it