The importance of understanding democracy

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Could ignorance and disillusionment be the downfall of democracy in the United States? Ignorance certainly is partially responsible, as indicated by student responses at our school. When asked, all students gave vague answers of “I don’t know” or “I don’t really understand it.” This is proof enough in the lack of involvement from students and political understandings.
In an article by Michael Safi, he talks about how those below the age of 30 are more likely to have a stand in political issues but won’t really understand what exactly democracy is and what it stands for. In the article he said, “Millennial themselves, asked why they do not back democracy, mostly say it “only serves the interests of a few” (40 percent) and that there is “no real difference between the policies of the major parties” (32 percent).” Young citizens are more likely to be involved in political interests and social issues because young adults are more connected through social media than elders are. Although, people above the age of 30 are more likely to understand what exactly democracy means.
A democracy is a government of the people and is worked by a majority rule of voting. It’s not just the high and elite that shape the U.S.A. but all citizens, from the poor, to the hard workers, to the retired, and to the college students, all are involved in the government system. There are periodic elections performed and the Supreme Court exercises in a represented way for citizens. Through a democracy, America holds the freedoms of speech, religion, and worker rights.
Supporting a democracy protects fundamental American rights and values. Not knowing what a democracy is like not knowing what water is when swimming. Democracy is America’s government system and is what officials use to protect and govern the people. All the people are connected, even those who govern the country. This connection sets laws, political groups, interest groups, and federal interventions. Courtesy of
Democracy is the rule of participation.
Democracy is not in all countries due to corrupted governments or religious beliefs, but most of Europe and America has the privilege of upholding the role of running a democracy system in their governments.
Democracy is what makes this country unique and citizens defend for the special aspects that America holds and values.

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