October, a great opportunity for community service

Louis Barrett, Staff Reporter

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There’s one question asked often by high school students: what is something I can do now to positively influence my future? For high school students, community service is a well-known requirement. Some see it as an extra task, while others see it as an opportunity to take a hold of. With Halloween coming up, there are many ways to contribute to your community.

Community service not only looks great on applications, but it also benefits your own moral and social work skills. Simply going out to help the children in your local area is a great way to start. There are a multitude of ways to do this: making crafts for or with children, trick or treating with kids of busy parents, and asking to volunteer for organized events. A prime example for an upcoming event is Trick or Treat on the Trail hosted by YMCA Tri-Cities on Oct. 27. Some of the festivities include, as stated on their official flyer, hiking up Badger Mountain, pumpkin decorating, and face painting. Late last month, an email was sent out to students about applying to volunteer for this event.

Being able to sufficiently help, manage your time, and prepare for this service shows many of your favorable traits such as leadership, commitment, and compassion. Colleges look for the good in your character, and what positively separates you from other valuable applicants. Halloween offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to engage with and benefit from.

Go out there; take advantage of the season and leave a positive mark on your character and community.


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