Teens should be able to trick-or-treat

Adults need to let teens enjoy the holiday

Taya Questad, Staff Reporter

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In Chesapeake Virginia the age limit for trick-0r-treaters  is 12 and under, and if you violate that rule you could be fined $100 and receive possible jail time. Kids here at Kamiakin were asked a series of questions about high school students trick-or-treating.

Junior Jacob Vanommen says, “If they wanna do it, do it. Most kids don’t wanna do it because it’s seen as a little kid thing. Therefore not a lot of kids do it.”

So the whole reality with teens trick-or-treating is that high school students don’t do it because society doesn’t like to see teens out there with the kids. Some of them even refuse to give them candy. Vanommen said, “Society judges us teens because of stereotypical things where we are dumb and don’t know what we are doing, and [we] don’t control our lives.”

The irony is that while adults consider teens children, they still feel they are too old to trick-or-treat. If people still see teens as children and yet they don’t want them trick-or-treating, what is this world we live in today? If we are considered children, we should be allowed to go trick-or-treating just like little kids.

We can still dress up with no judgments and kids do the same.  Teens should be able to trick-or-treat.

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