Sports Wrap-Up

Alejandro Andrade, Staff Reporter

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The end of the year has arrived, and with that school sports have come to an end. Goals have been met and tears have also been shed. Athletes are always trying to improve. On top of school practice others also have personal trainers. Athletes have the summer to practice and get better. Rarely do athletes take the summer off sports. Coaches have sport camps that they can do over the summer. “No days off,” as they call it.

This season has been closed with a bang. Every sports has either made it to their goal or exceeded it, and some just fell short. The only thing that should matter is for them to play intelligently and rigidly.



Boys Baseball MCC 9-4 Overall 12-4

Boys Tennis MCC 2-5 Overall 2-5

Boys Track & Field MCC 2-3 Overall 2-3

Girls Tennis MCC 7-0 Overall 7-0

Girls Track & Field MCC 5-0 Overall 5-0

Softball MCC 8-6 Overall 8-12


All teams have put in that effort and followed the coach’s instructions in order to succeed. The sports that are one game closer to bringing a championship are confident on advancing.


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