Kamiakin defeats Kennewick in a 35-12 homecoming football game

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    This year’s annual homecoming football game was at Lampson Stadium Oct. 13 against the Kennewick Lions.

Hunter Robbins-bilow
The Tri-Tech Culinary Arts class.

   Before the game, there was the yearly tailgate party that happens when Kamiakin plays Kennewick for the first time of the year. The food at the tailgate party was provided by the Tri-Tech Skills Center Culinary Arts class. 

   All of the proceeds went to FOCUS. FOCUS is a group that creates drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free activities for students before and after school.

    The first quarter had somewhat of a terrible start when Kennewick did an onside kick and got position of the ball.  That same drive, they scored the first touchdown of the game.  When they attempted the PAT, they missed which put the score at 6 to nothing. When Kennewick kicked off again, they did another onside kick, but this time we were able to keep possession of the ball. During our possession that quarter, we scored a touchdown and made the PAT which put the ending score of the quarter Kennewick 6 to Kamiakin 7.

Hunter Robbins-Bilow
Seniors Colten Chelin and Chris Ramos

    During the second quarter Kamiakin and Kennewick both scored another touchdown, but Kennewick again missed the PAT attempt. The second quarter ended with a score of Kamiakin 14 Kennewick 12.

    Half time started with a performance from the Kamiakin Dance Team. When the dance team was done, the Homecoming princes and princesses for the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes waltzed onto the field. Then the senior nominees for Homecoming king and queen came onto the field. The senior king and queen were announced to be Janessa Pearson and Robert Pischel. After the homecoming nominations were done, the cheerleaders performed one of their routines.

    The third quarter went differently from the first half with Kamiakin scoring two touchdowns and Kennewick not scoring any touchdowns. Third quarter ended with a score of  Kamiakin 28 Kennewick 12.

     The last quarter of the game, Kamiakin Braves sealed their win over the Lions, when Kamiakin scored the final touchdown of the game and didn’t allow Kennewick to score during the last quarter of the game. The fourth quarter ended with Kamiakin winning with a score of 35 to 12.



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