Kamiakin Southridge game emphasized seniors, Pink Week theme

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Kamiakin Southridge game emphasized seniors, Pink Week theme

  The game last Thursday against Southridge was one of the biggest games of the year for us. Besides it being against a rival school, it was senior night and the Pink Week game for both of the schools. Before the game started, all of the senior football players came out onto the field with their parents and got thanks for all of their hard work and dedication to the football team.

    The team wasn’t too stressed about winning the game. “[It doesn’t matter to us if we win]. We’re the No. 1 seed,” said Coach Ryan Carter. 

   The team wasn’t as prepared as they usually are, but that didn’t really affect their confidence. “We had  a shorter week, one less day for practice,” said Carter. “[It’s going to be a] tough game [but a] ready to go game.”  

   After the seniors were thanked, both teams came out and stood for the national anthem. The first quarter started out with a bang with Southridge being stopped and forced to punt. On the punt, the Braves caught the ball and ran it all the way into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. The Suns’ next run of plays gave them their only touchdown of the first half of the game. The Braves proceeded to get three more touchdowns in the first quarter.

  In the second quarter, we scored an additional two touchdowns while keeping Southridge from scoring any touchdowns.

  In the third quarter, Southridge scored one additional touchdown, and the Braves scored an additional two touchdowns.

  The fourth quarter ended with Southridge scoring an additional touchdown but missing the PAT and the Braves not scoring in the final quarter. The final score was 56-20 us.

  After the game, Coach Carter said that the game “went exactly the way [we thought] it would.”  Southridge coach Aaron Sonnichsen said that if they had a chance to replay the game, they would need to pressure the ball more.  Both coaches acknowledged that the other’s team were great opponents.

   During the game, students were also told the good news about how much they had raised for Pink Week. In the end, students and staff were able to raise close to $8,000.

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