The Tomatalk

Q:What are your goals for the school year?

A:"To not fail. Just to get good grades, learn as much as i can so i go to college for Western University.. I actually know some stuff."

Q:What are your long term goals?

A:"I wanna be a writer, mainly... be an editor for a newspaper... high end like New York Times."

Q:How involved are you in the community?

A:"I volunteer at the Humane Society. I walk them and also foster care them."

Q: what do you do with your friends?

A:"We usually hangout, play games. A game we've been playing is Outlast, basically the scariest game you could play."

Q:Is there anything you feel separates you from other people?

A:"Gay, there, bam!.. I have a girlfriend. We've been together since middle school in 2016."

Anna Solis, Staff Reporter

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