The Tomatalk

Q) What is your age?

     A) “I'm one of those people who wish they could grow faster. I want to experience more, learn quicker, and have more opportunities. When you're at a lower age you don’t have as many opportunities.”

Q) Why are you into story driven games?

     A) “I like getting lost in stories. They inspire me and when you're attached to them, even if fictional, they mean something significant to you. Sometimes you can be more empathetic towards them. Besides traditionally written novels, video games can also do a wonderful job by presenting stories through different medias and methods. A game can use a special formula or mechanic to help enhance the story and make you feel more involved. ”

Q) What do you talk about with your friends?

     A) “Being with friends is an opportunity to talk about what you enjoy, which can be enriching. You get to indulge in what you enjoy when you have shared interests or passions with friends.”

Louis Barrett, Staff Reporter

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