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Griselda Rivera Madrigal

Griselda Rivera Madrigal

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Welcome back. Today we have another student who can’t be identified due to undocumentation, from Colombia.

Q: Why did your parents leave your parents’ country?

A: Because my uncle threatened us because I saw that he was killing someone, and he told my mom to take me away and if

not he would kill me as well.

Q: When did your parents come to the U.S.?

A: Two years ago.

Q: Has it been difficult for your parents finding a job?

A: Yes because they don’t have papers. (undocumented)

Q: How has it been for you leaving your country?

A: A bit difficult.

Q: In what way?

A: Because I was accustomed over there, and here I have to get used to many things, like the language.

Q: How has it been for you to live here?

A: Difficult mainly because of the language.

Q: If you had to move back to your parents’ country, how would you guys readapt?

A: Well I don’t know. If I were to be used to living here, readapting over there would be very difficult.

Q: So you aren’t used to living here?

A: No.

Q:When you and your family came to the U.S. were you guys treated differently, or did you guys feel welcomed?

A: We felt welcomed.


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