Junior, Summer

Rachel Soh, Staff Writer

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“I’ve been dying my hair for three years now like every single color. I’ve dyed it every single color you could think of. I just kind of decided to do it one day. I was like “I want red hair” and then I kept changing it and changing it. My natural hair color is dirty blonde, but if I dyed it back I wouldn’t feel like myself. I’m so used to colorful hair now. I just like having colorful hair, there’s nothing to it. People do tell me to dye my hair back, my parents especially, but I don’t really care to listen because it’s what I want to do. They think I dye it too often.“


“I don’t really know how to explain my style. I wear a lot of band shirts; music represents me a lot. I listen to metal/punk, especially Slipknot. I love how there’s guitars and drums in it, it’s not just this computerized sound y’know? I don’t hate pop music, but it isn’t my thing.”


“[Slipknot] wear masks and I think that’s the coolest thing ever. Concerts are so much fun; I’ve been to so many concerts. I’ve seen Slipknot live and I’m about to see them in a month too. Slipknot was probably my favorite concert because it’s Slipknot.”


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